Leave a Legacy is sponsored by Rockland Development Council. It is a cooperative effort of our nonprofit community, estate planning professionals, corporations and businesses who are dedicated to raising awareness of planned giving.


Through Leave a Legacy people within this community from all walks of life are encouraged to include a not for profit organization in their final estate plan to help ensure that the good works of Rockland’s many fine organizations will continue into the future.


Toward this purpose RDC publishes a Membership Directory listing pertinent information about its members as a handy reference for individuals, attorneys and other professionals and advisors. Roundtable discussions on planned giving are hosted by RDC throughout the year.



1. Talk with an attorney or financial planner, accountant, banker or insurance agent to learn ways to leave a bequest or gift to charity.


2. Speak with a charity that has made a difference in your life. Many organizations have gift plans.


3. Prepare a Last Will and Testament. Without a Will, you will lose the opportunity to decide who receives your assets. With a Will, you can specify a dollar amount, a percentage or a specific asset such as stock or real estate to charity.


4. Consider making a gift of stock, bonds, certificates of deposit, real estate, art or jewelry rather than cash. These gifts can offer tax savings.


5. Name a charity as a beneficiary of an IRA, 401K, Keogh or pension plan.


6. Name a charity as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.


7. Receive payment during your lifetime from a gift you make to charity today. You may be able to increase your income and realize tax savings.


8. Remember loved ones with memorial gifts to your favorite charity.


9. Discuss your plans with close family members so they can support your decision.


10. Consider establishing a family foundation, donoradvised fund or charitable trust.