The Rockland Development Council (RDC) is the only nonprofit association of fund-raising professionals in Rockland County. More than 55 registered nonprofit agencies in Rockland County and several professionals who serve the industry are active members of RDC, a non-governmental independent organization.

The organization provides professional resources and sponsors learning seminars throughout the year, and is the lead sponsor of Leave A Legacy in Rockland County.


The vision and values of RDC are to educate, inform, inspire and motivate individuals in the field of fund-raising development and to ensure that members adhere to highest professional standards and practices.

We strive to provide you with resources, education, and networking opportunities. If there is more we can offer, please let us know and we’ll work on accommodating the needs of our colleagues and friends in development.


For more information, or to join the RDC, please contact us via email at or write to: RDC P.O. Box 915, Nyack, NY 10960